Pavel Filip: Dodon made a dangerous move by asking Russia to intervene in politics of our country

Pavel Filip, the prime-vice president of the Democratic party commented on the involvement of Russia creating an alliance between PSRM and ACUM.

"Stop killing the democracy of Moldova, let the citizens decide.


Moldova is a small country, but it is very important in the Eastern Europe. The power usurpation here started after the annexation of Crimea to Ukraine.

The international community should not abandon Moldova in such a moment.

Vladimir Putin's operation breaches the Republic of Moldova's state of law. Thus, he tries to make an illegal Government here. 


His ally in Moldova, Igor Dodon tried to form a new Government by making some pressure over ACUM. These parties exceeded the constitutional term of the country and the Constitutional Court decided that the snap elections will decide on the future of Moldova.

The operation of Vladimir Putin Russian President broke the state of law.


Dodon is an old friend of Putin. We notice him very often next to the Russian president. Dodon depends on Moscow.

Dodon also said that Russia is funding his party with sums worth 800.000 Euro monthly. 

What does the federalization plan mean? At the beginning of 2000, when Russia forced the Republic of Moldova to become a federal country divided into Moldova, Transnistria and Gagauzia - it started. Russia wants to implement the Russian language in Moldova and make it the symbol of the three states.

This was the plan of Putin for Crimea: 1.500 Russian soldiers are already in Transnistria.

Russia worked a lot to destabilize the situation in Moldova and so did with Georgia and Ukraine.

At the beginning, the Democratic Party try to make a coalition with ACUM; this alliance would have been a normal one, as long as the both parties are pro-European. But, ACUM aligned with PSRM.

ACUM and the socialists warned regarding the danger to ocupy the country and the necessity to keep the state of law. 

All these happened during a week-end. But, the international community was carefree.

ACUM and the socialists put in danger the democracy of our country. In this moment, our country is blocked and the only way to solve this blockage are the snap elections. 


The parliamentary blockage that started on Saturday should not hit the ration of the Occident and not even suppress the democracy of the country.


Dodon put the country in danger by asking Russia to intervene. Moldova should continue the reforms and turn to Europe. Now, we will see what is the price of ACUM's compromise."


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