Pavel Filip: Despite not completing all terms, Moldova will receive financial assistance

Pavel Filip has assured that the macro-financing will be offered, despite not completing the full Association Agreement and those who say otherwise lies. 

"Many medias have started claiming that Moldova will not receive financing, due to not completing the Agreement. Today, we from the Government and Parliament announce that those are lies. There are 28 conditions for receiving the 100 million euro, 40 of which are a grant. The first tranche will offer 30 million euro, 10 of which are part of the grant. Out of the 10 required conditions: 4 are already completed by the Parliament, 4 more are in the processes and 2  were done by the Government. We are not behind schedule and my request is to complete as soon as possible the 4 conditions the Parliament has already begun" Pavel Filip declared.

Prime Minister underlines that everything is going according to the plan and Moldova will complete all terms in time, for the benefit of all citizens.

"I will be held responsible for my own words and say that we will manage everything ahead of time and be ready to receive the first tranche. When we overlooked the state budget and declared to the Parliament that we have enough funds for all projects and programs, we haven't taking into account the financial assistance. It does not mean that we will not receive it this year, but we worry that from a technical point of view, this process might be long. But we made sure to receive the money if not this year, then next one for sure" ended the executive.

The macro-financing assistance from European Union was discussed at today's common meeting of the Parliament- Government, organized to synchronize the two institution's agenda for the next period of time.

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