Pavel Filip commented upon Igor Dodon's statement: Perhaps Russia sees Eastern Partnership Summit differently

Prime Minister Filip has commented on social networks that Igor Dodo's reaction toward Eastern Partnership Summit is a disappointing one.

"President Igor Dodon's reaction is populist and disappointing. Mr. Dodon has lately been visiting Russia often and perhaps, from there, the Eastern Partnership Summit is seen in another way. Or maybe it was the success of this event irked and made him make statements meant to manipulate, to lessen its positive outcome. If the President truly wished for Republic of Moldova's success, he should first stop badmouthing his own country, cease desperately attempting to create false conflicts between Republic of Moldova and its partners, here we speak of EU, USA, Russia or any other partner. His political career is purely based on geopolitics, but, Moldova's future is one based on our European modernization project, supported by most citizens" Pavel Filip stated.

At the same time Prime Minister commented that the event's success made him feel more responsible and pushed him toward making false declarations,Dodon declared that citizens of Republic of Moldova have been manipulated, made to think that adheration to European Union is not only possible, but will also happen soon.

"Eastern Partnership Summit has confirmed that European integration is illusory, Eastern Partnership Summit has confirmed that Republic of Moldova is the least of Europe's concerns. 

Europe's disappointment toward Chisinau is constant, while chances for Moldova to join EU are close to 0 for the next few decades. It becomes true that until now the pro-European Government has promoted an illusory geopolitics. 

If there are no perspectives to integrate within EU, we understand that Chisinau's Government has used the geopolitics not to make the country more attractive for the West, because it is not, but to create an internal ideological base, from political and electoral points of view.

Therefore, the anti-Russian geopolitics are not only unjustified, but also useless for relations with the West. It is also harmful for the social and economic development of Republic of Moldova, as it creates gapes among ethnics and society, creates a prejudice toward the relations with the East, espiacially Russia" Moldova's President, Igor Dodon declared.

Igor Dodon has also commented that those from power are destroying the strategic partnership with Russia, provoking conflicts and scandals which makes us more withdrawn from our Eastern Partners, who always played an important role in the economical development of Moldova.

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