Pavel Filip: Citizens should not be sacrifices for the sake of some political interests

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has declared during the Cabinet of Ministers session that those who attack Republic of Moldova's success registered at European Partnership Summit, are doing nothing but setting their personal and political interest above those of citizens. Moreover, they are not enemies of the government, but opponents of Moldova's modernization and of citizens. 

"After the last meeting I have been on two business trips with some from the Cabinet of Ministers. First at Brussels, where we participated at the Eastern Partnership Summit. The first goods news is that we managed to sign a memorandum offering macro-financial assistance. The second being that by the end of the year we will receive budget support for the four reform programs. [...] Those positive feedback, were met in Moldova with propaganda aiming to minimize those successes. It pains me that such things happen. The Government is not perfect, but we try and are successfully modernizing Moldova. All those who are attacking it, and I do not only speak of mass media institutes, but also political parties from opposition, I do not believe them to be enemies of the Government, but are opponents of Moldova's modernization and of people themselves. Let it be clear to all: All the money will be spent on kindergartens, on roads and hospital modernization" Pavel Filip mentioned.

"I understand very well that this political fight, but citizens of Republic of Moldova do not deserve to be sacrificed, nor the truth for the sake of political interests, for the sake of some politicians. It pains me that this is the way some so-called patriots act. They do not act against the Government, but against the citizens" Pavel Filip added.

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