Pavel Filip attended 3rd Congress of Internal Medicine from Republic of Moldova

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has participated yesterday, October 24, at the 3rd Congress of Internal Medicine from Republic of Moldova. The event, dedicated for Nicolae Testemiţanu's year, has managed to gather over 600 local and foreign doctors.

Prime Minister welcomed experts from the field, mentioning that medicine is one of the main domain in the social interest of any country, Republic of Moldova including.

"The Government is always interested for the country to have a strong health system, especially internal medicine that takes care of adult citizens fit for labor, as it is directly linked to the economical development" Pavel Filip said.

In this context, Prime Minister has also addressed the health system reform that is currently being implemented. 

"I am sure those reforms will bring results, we will forget the old system and concentrate on a new one that is truly very important and will prevent sickness", Prime Minister mentioned.

Pavel Filip has also disclosed that two new reforms will be implemented, meant to improve primary health care and hospital system from Republic of Moldova.

With this in mind, Prime Minister accentuated that authorities count on the medical society's support and understanding. 

"The Government will always be open for talks and I would like to ask you to get involved. People need a better quality health care and we must offer it to them" he underlined.

At the same time, Pavel Filip expressed his gratitude to all doctors for their efforts, assuring them that the Government will do its best to make sure they are properly rewarded.

The forum is organized by „Nicolae Testemiţanu” Department of Internal Medicine of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Republic of Moldova, in collaboration with Society of Internal Medicine and Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare. The event will take place during 24-25th October and will include 16 sessions, based on different branches of Internal Medicine.

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