Pavel Filip at PDM Congress: I no longer wish to manage crises, but to develop Moldova

The Democratic Party convened today, December 24th, the eighth congress of the party. During the event, Prime Minister Pavel Filip thanked everyone for the confidence offered to the Government headed by him. The head of the Executive has stated that he wants to no longer manage crises in 2017-2018, but to develop Moldova.

"Dear colleagues, dear guests, good to see you again, we are satisfied, because everything was done for the better. It was a tough year, but I want to thank everyone for the trust that you have given me when I was made the Prime Minister of the country.

It was a difficult year for Moldova, I would categorize our work through the first visit and the last visit to Brussels, but also through the meetings that we had with external partners and the IMF.

I want to say that not every party would have have assumed this responsibility to govern Moldova. In January, Moldova was in a jam of external funding and now, we complete this year with confidence restored from external partners about the unlocking of EU money.

I want to bring you two good news: this year about 500 million euro have been accumulated, money for projects and the second news is that we managed to unlock the funding for next year.

Thanks to the members of parliament for the support I've had throughout the year. It is true that like any party, PDM always opted to take the leading position in the state. This year, the Democratic Party won most functions in the history of parties, not only for us and not the goal was to hold a function, but it is important that these functions are the most important tools to change things in Moldova.

I wish that in 2017-2018 we no longer would manage crises, but we shall develop Moldova" , said Pavel Filip.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that approximately 1,000 delegates from all districts of the country, members of the Democratic Party, met this morning in Chisinau, at the eighth Congress of the party.

Along with the Democratic Party, attending the event are also guests from other political parties, representatives of academic and cultural field, as well as representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Chisinau.

At the same time, distinguished guests from the International Social Democratic movement came to greet Democratic Party event.

In the Congress hall is Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the International Socialist, Victor Ponta, vice president of the International Socialist, Chairman of the European Affairs Commission in the Romanian Parliament, Sonja Lokar of the European Socialists Party and several leaders of the Social Democrats of Georgia, Ukraine and Romania.

The main point on the agenda of the Congress of today is choosing new administration of the Democratic Party - the party president, first vice-president and National Political Council. Also at the meeting will be adopted the new statute of the party and will be voted the political resolution of PDM.

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