Pavel Filip at National Forum of Women with Disabilities: All citizens deserve a chance to prove themselves

Prime Minister Pavel Filip encouraged disabled persons to be active in elaborating and implementing policies and state programs, accentuating that the Government is always open for suggestions and will take into consideration any ideas. The request was made at the National Forum of Women with Disabilities "We have abilities, just need possibilities". 

PM has also said that the presence of representatives from Cabinet of Ministers and from Parliament proves their wish and necessity of a partner among authorities and civil societies to identify and gather all existing issues, as well as find ways to solve them. In this context, Pavel Filip mentioned the Executive and the approval of the reform for over-viewing the system determining the disability grade. 

"We wish to renew this old system, as the current one is based on a medical model, but the new one will be based on a bio-psycho-social one. In Republic of Moldova all citizens need to have the possibility to realize themselves" Pavel Filip said.

At the same time, the official discussed the importance of making sure people with disabilities can find a job, mentioning that soon a new law will come into force that will stimulate companies to hire disabled people. Pavel Filip precised that according to the statistics, this year registered 535 unemployed disabled citizens, 225 having already found a job, out of whom 118 were women.

Regarding this study, the Prime Minister has also mentioned the he personally had a role in the story of a young man from Râșcani for whom conditions were created at a college, so that he could continue his studies. He underlined that in order to forever remove the issue, those problems have to be constantly tackled.

 "I wish for us to play a role in particular cases, the Government must have an approach to eliminate those problems. The solutions are not easy, but necessary" Chief of Cabinet of Ministers underlined.

So far, in Republic of Moldova are registered over 180 thousand disabled persons, nearly half of whom are women.

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