Pavel Filip at Fabrika talk show: We are in a great relationship with the EU

The relationship with the European Union is very important for our country and the Association Agreement with the EU is the only chance for us. This declaration was made by Pavel Filip, the special guest of last edition of Fabrika talk show.

"We face many difficulties on our European path. But, anyway, we are in  a good relationship with the EU. We agreed to wait a little bit to pass through the elections and then we will work more on the European integration process", said the prime minister.

Also, the prime minister highlighted that the Chisinau Government is in a great relationship with Ukraine. He appreciated that Romania still supports us.

"We are in a great relationship with Ukraine. They supported us in many problems, especially in solving the transnistrean conflict. We had many common sessions with our colleagues from the Ukraine Government and we have always talk about concrete things. We want to improve the infrastructure. We also talked about the cooperation in gas and electricity systems. Also, about a water provision project", added the official.

The prime minister also declared that the Bucharest Government tries to implement a project regarding the railway and the European gauge, that will also be launched in Chisinau.

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