Pavel Filip at Christmas Fair: We all celebrate Christmas this year together

Beautiful song from a group of children started the inauguration of this year Christmas Fair on 31st August St. 

Prime Minister Pavel Filip is also present at the event and congratulated all citizens on the winter holiday. 

"Dear friends, It's my pleasure to be here in such moments when all energy and happiness has been transmitted from these beautiful children. I thank you all our children who have given us wonderful Christmas carols. 

Christmas House is really important part of our Fair. It begins today and is to be enjoyed until January 14. 

I thought Christmas House should be the place where we feel the best like at home, where we feel the true warmth of Christmas holiday, we feel safe and enjoy everything with our families. 

I'm looking at this nice fir tree that was brought by our Romanian neighbors, I'm looking at the beautiful carousel that was brought by our neighbors from Ukraine.

This would mean that the holidays will be celebrated with our neighbors along with the whole country because we have bring children from all over Moldova, thousands of children will come from the north and south and Transnistria which will mean that we will celebrate together.

We also had another reason to organize this event. First of all, you know we are pro-European government, and this Christmas fair represents exactly the European city", said Premier Pavel Filip

The Christmas Fair in European style in Chisinau is organized by Moldovan Government and takes place from December 15, 2017 - January 14, 2018. 



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