Pavel Filip asked for measures to ease traffic at border customs points

Prime Minister Pavel Filip is unhappy about the queues formed at Leuseni and Sculeni customs points. The Prime Minister asked the officials of the Customs to take action to unlock the crossings.

The queues were formed after search operations on Tuesday, November 1st, when 30 people including customs officers, border guards, economic agents and drivers have been detained at the two customs points.

Drivers are unhappy that they had to sit for hours in the queue.

Pavel Filip asked the Customs management to take measures to ease the traffic jam.

"Mr. Vrabie, today I received several signals that Leuşeni and Sculeni customs points are blocked. I think it is a result of what happened yesterday, on November 1st. My request needs no explanation, I don't understand why this thing is happening. If it's possible, to delegate someone throughout the day to ensure the traffic at customs points" , said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

"To ease the traffic at Leuseni customs points post, the management of Customs Service ordered the increase of the number of employees, and the increase of communication with the Romanian side",  said deputy head of the Customs Service, Grigore Ioniţov.

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