Pavel Filip asked by European officials: Two days to fix things

Premier Pavel Filip is very surprise at the presence of European officials in Moldova. At PDM weekly meeting, Prime Minister Pavel Filip he was forced to change decision on local election in Chisinau. The prime minister also said that he even received messages that he had two days to fix things.

I'm sorry the government is being punished for a court order. Each of us has something to say. If you want intellectual exercises we can do a lot, at least in my view I have some options, but these variants do not have a clue that PDM would have been interested in this.

I am surprised that the European officials, or those who represent the Europeans here in Moldova, after the decision of the first instance, asked me to somehow change this decision. I do not think it fits into the notion of European values. A Premier can not intervene in a courtroom even if I like it or not. I can not talk to a judge even if I respect him.

After the court of appeal, messages came to me saying that I had two days to fix things. I think I've done everything I can as a Premier. 

Nobody argued why Government and PDM have been interested in this court decision. Exactly nobody could speak what the Government should have done in this situation", said Premier Pavel Filip.

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