Pavel Filip and Viorica Dancila: We want to preserve and intensify the bilateral cooperation for the benefit of citizens

PM of the Republic of Moldova, Pavel Filip met while being at Iasi the Romanian PM, Viorica Dancila. The meeting took place in the context of the participation to the events occasioned to the Pope Francis' visit to Romania.

PM Pavel Filip and Viorica Dancila discussed about the relations between Romania and Moldova and their commom projects. The most important ones: continuing the schools and kindergarten renovation, the transport infrasctructure development, power interconnection, the Ungheni-Chisinau gaz pipeline construction and the railroad with European track gauge Ungheni-Chisinau and the roaming conditions.

Pavel Filip thanked Romania for the constantly offered support to our country in the reform agenda, including the over 200 000 Euros grant for the Crihana gym construction, the 112 service implementation and the endowment with professional equipment of the Comrat Hospital. In this context, the PM reffered to the implementaion importance of the river Bac cleanup, for which the Romanian Government offered 10 million Euros.

Pvel Filip and Viorica Dancila marked the importance of the dialogue continuation for the Republic of Moldova promotion in the reform context assumed through the Association Agreement with European Union for the benefit of the citizens.
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