Pavel Filip and Liechtenstein PM Adrian Hasler pledge to stimulate bilateral relations

Premier Pavel Filip and Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Adrian Hasler expressed interest in improving bilateral relations during a press conference held today in Chisinau. Adrian Hasler is on a visit to our country from March 12 to 13, being the first Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein to visit Moldova.

The officials found positive dynamics of political dialogue between states, despite the relatively recent establishment in 2001 of diplomatic relations. Particularly, the work of the Liechtenstein Development Agency (LED) in Moldova was also highlighted.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip thanked for his support in the realization of numerous projects for the improvement of technical vocational education, employment of young people, organization of training in entrepreneurship, promotion of quality in early education, inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

"Education is a priority for Moldova. At present, the process of elaboration has a new vision and vocational education is particularly emphasized. Liechtenstein's experience in this respect is very valuable to us,"said Pavel Filip.

Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, Adrian Hasler confirmed his readiness to share his country's experience in training, which provides the foundation for economic growth, increases the number of qualified specialists and reduces the number of unemployed among young people.

Moreover, Adrian Hasler revealed the friendship between Moldova and Liechtenstein, noting that our country is one of the main development cooperation partners.

"The Liechtenstein Development Agency has three coordinating offices around the world, and one of these offices is in Chisinau, which shows the special relationship between the countries," stressed the official. 

So far, under the agreement on humanitarian assistance and technical cooperation from Liechtenstein, projects worth 12 million euro have been funded. 

Premiers Pavel Filip and Adrian Hasler discussed the possibilities of developing trade-economic relations, including the possibility of organizing a business forum for the two countries.

"Liechtenstein offers huge investment potential, we want to see these investments in Moldova in important areas that are well developed in Liechtenstein, such as financial and banking," said Pavel Filip.

Prime Ministers Pavel Filip and Adrian Hasler were convinced that this visit will mark a new stage in the relations between the countries. 

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