Pavel Filip: All those found guilty for the bank fraud scandal will be brought to justice

Prime Minister Pavel Filip promised that all people found guilty for the frauds in Banca De Economii S.A., Banca Sociala S.A. and Unibank S.A. will be brought to justice. During an episode of Replica on Prime, the official announced that after the second KROLL will be published, foreign experts will work with Prosecutor's Office to bring accusations to the suspects.

"It will not be KROLL, or the Government who will accuse the suspects, but those from Prosecutor's Office. Once the report will be published, those from KROLL will work along with people from General Prosecutor's Office and Assets Recovery Agency. All suspects will be investigated and those found guilty will be brought to justice. I wish to assure everyone that they will answer for what they have done" Pavel Filip said.

At the end of December, Moldova's Central Bank published a synthesis of KROLL 2. The document, containing 57 pages, reveals in details the scheme where credits were offered without knowledge of who the final receiver was. It also mentions that experts from Kroll found traces of the money and will soon being procedures to recover them, which could take up to 2 years.

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