Pavel Filip about road from Anenii Noi: We should repair it as soon as possible. Three villages suffer because of this road

Within today's session of the Government, Pavel Filip talked about the quality of a road from Anenii Noi. The road is destroyed, but nobody fixes the situation.

Thus, the prime minister asked for explanations. 

"The residents of some localities from Anenii Noi who also participated to the rally are unsatisfied about the roads quality. I have visited these villages and I noticed that the roads are seriously damaged.

Three villages suffer because of this road. Mainly, it was destroyed by the trucks that circulate here almost every day. 

We need to repair it, because we have all the required tools to do so.

Mr. Gaburici, I want you to get informed on this topic and take the required measures. We should start repairing it as soon as possible", said Pavel Filip.

Yesterday, at the intersection between Puhaceni and Delacau village a rally took place. A group of people gathered to complain about the roads quality.


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