Pavel Filip about Institute of Zoology: Why repairs put back until now

Government has discussed the exceptional situation resulting from the April fire in the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences. 

In the context, the Premier said that all money needed to repair the damaged roof of the building would be allocated. Additionally, the prime minister does not explain why the institution has not been repaired until now.

"I want to talk about the Institute of Zoology where the fire burnt the roof. I've seen the state of institution where its employees are collecting water on the floors, there are cracks in the ceiling. 

I want to remind you that this institute is at the balance of the Academy of Sciences, after our discussion, the Academy of Sciences did nothing for this institute for 40 years. 

Similarly, on May 24, we had a meeting of committee and approved the financial allocation  to repair this roof.

We allocate money from the state budget, we do this repair, after which when the guilty one is identified, the expenses that the state has borne will be refunded.

I understand that we have bureaucratic procedures, which is why I would still ask the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economy to take the measures as quickly as possible to repair the roof of this building.

At the same time, I want you to tell me why these works have been delayed so far, and if we have some bureaucratic barriers, we have to intervene and change that. I'm going to ask the Finance Ministry to get involved to see what the problem is. 

Please postpone no more than tomorrow giving an answer when and who will start these works", said Premier Pavel Filip. 

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the fire left mold in the institute. The last rains flooded the third and fourth floor laboratories of the institution with the damaged roof.

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