Pavel Filip about hospitals reform: We will provide high quality service in hospitals

Pavel Filip presented the activity report of the Government over the past three years. Valentina Stratan DMP deputy thanked him for the courage and political willingness.

Also, Stratan asked what other reforms will be implemented in the health field.


"It is very comfortable at the tribune when the opposition is not in the hall. The opposition left, because they don't have any questions. We insisted to make a report filled with numbers, to present the real situation of the county.

If we did less less achievements, then they definitely would have came. What about the health field, we realized reforms.

The public health is very important for us. We are taking measures to prevent illnesses and provide them the required medical aid.

We have many localities that don't have a family doctors (380). We hope that at the beginning of the new year we will have a family doctor for each village.

The hospitals reform. I want everyone to understand it right. We want high quality medical service.

The concept of this reform will be debated", said Pavel Filip.

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