Pavel Filip about barometer of public opinion: Our reforms are growing

The Democratic Party will grow in polls because it works in favor of people. This was the prime minister's statement on the public opinion barometer, a recent poll stating the increase in DPM percentages.

Similarly, Pavel Filip suggested to all political formations to move from words to deeds, and from critics to make concrete proposals.

"I did not see the results of this survey bad, but I also knew without a poll that the Democratic Party is a growing political force. I want to suggest to all political parties to grow, to move from words to deeds. to concrete proposals.

This Democratic Party has been doing it all the time. Less talked, but we focused on the problems of our citizens. We had a very ambitious reform agenda, and now these reforms are fruitful.

I had a reply from someone opposing that the increases in pensions and wages are electoral gifts from the Democratic Front, I want to tell everyone that this is a right that has been worked by the DPM, so that is the result of our work and I want to I assure you that the Democratic Party will continue to grow because it works for people", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

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