PATIENTS WILL BE SAFER. Country’s blood transfusion centers will be endowed with modern medical appliances

The Ministry of Health and the National Blood Transfusion Center launched today the project "Consolidation of blood transfusion security in the Republic of Moldova 2017-2021".The planned measures will contribute to the modernization of the blood transfusion service nationally and will guarantee the safety of blood products transfusion safety.

 The project stipulates the creation of a modern laboratory for the tracing of transmissible to blood, within the National Blood Transfusion Center. The blood products collected from districts will be tested in this laboratory.

"Human errors will be excluded due to the automatization of the blood testing process.  For this purpose the specialists will be instructed. The patients could be offered safe blood products as a result of this measure", explained Svetlana Cebotari, National Blood Transfusion Center’s director.

In the same time, the country’s transfusion centers will be endowed with modern and safe medical appliances for blood collecting. Here there will also be created adequate spaces for the keeping of the blood products.

"The Ministry of health assumes itself the responsibility to insure the transfusion service  with medical appliances and supplies. Also there will be created a working group that will revise and modernize the automatized informational system of the National Blood Transfusion Center”, stated the minister of Health, Ruxanda Glavan.

The young who study medicine will be trained to use reasonably the blood products within the project. Also the medical staff from the transfusion centers and medical institutions will be instructed to effectuate blood transfusions in safe conditions.

For the realization of the planned measures The Red Cross Organization from Switzerland will offer technical and financial support in sum of 15 879 300 thousands lei.

The project will be implemented on the basis of an agreement signed between the Ministry of Health, the National Blood Transfusion Center and the Red Cross Organization from Switzerland.

The actions will be unfolded in common with the ministries from the spheres of education, defense, internal affairs, public health centers, local authorities and non-governmental organizations. 

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