Passion transformed into successful business. Police and customs officers wear helmets made in Moldova

Moldovan police officers, customs officers and military wear helmets made in Chircaiesti village, Causeni district.

A young man has inherited his father's passion and turned it into a business. A big role in this success story plays the Business Association of Moldova, which gave the young entrepreneur a grant of 50,000 lei.

Sergiu Untu has inherited his passion to manufacture helmets from his father, who was a military. He opened a factory and sewn over 20 models of helmets. The business became a family to him.

Now, Chircaiesti village is known for making helmets for police, carabinieri, soldiers and customs officers. Sergiu Untu is the one developing all models.

Sewing helmets requires attention, since many details are handmade.

Only women work at the Chircaiesti factory, which say they work with pleasure. 

Thanks to the grant provided by the Business Association of Moldova, Untu family managed to expand their business.

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