Passion for antique irons. Collection of Soroca town resident witnesses time's passing

A unique collection found its place on two shelves in the household of Valentin Cosciug, in Soroca town. For nearly 20 years, the man has managed to collect over 50 antique irons. Most of them he has received from relatives and friends who know about his passion.

There are also irons that he has bought from Romania, Spain and Russia.

The exhibits of  Valentin Cosciug from the collection are made of iron, stainless steel and ceramics. Most can be used now. Some of them weigh even more than six kilograms.

The man says he would agree to sell the collection to the world.

The most expensive iron in the collection of Cosciug Valentin was bought from Romania for a fee of 50 euros. The oldest is about 150 years old and belonged to a nobleman from the area.

Relatives say the ideal gift for the man is an iron that would make up the collection.
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