PAS suddenly 'warms up' old issues regarding kindergartens in capital

Members and supporters of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) carry out protests regarding kindergarten problems and criticize the state institutions after their leader's responsibility is no longer considered.

Even though being the head of Education Ministry for three years, the leader of the PAS, Maia Sandu,  made no effort to resolve the raised issues. The PAS party supporters organize a protest by showing dissatisfaction with the health situation in preschool institutions, moreover parents are required to buy personal hygiene products. In fact, those issues have appeared for decades. 

They decide to protest not only in front of Chisinau City Hall, but also Education Ministry which used to be led by the PAS leader.

The organizers of the flash mob first gathered in front of the City Hall with a cake made of toilet paper and photographs illustrating the state of the sanitary blocks in the kindergartens. Mothers are unhappy that there is no money in the kindergarten budgets to buy hygienic products, however, they admit that this's been painful issue for long time. 

"The problem persists since 1986 and rules have not been changed. We are targeting a European republic, but we have some Soviet regulatory which has existed for 31 years". 

Mothers admit that this problem has existed for decades, even when Maia Sandu was in the chair of Education Minister.

"I personally confronted this problem four years ago, I remember the first money I spent was for toilet paper."

In reply, the representatives of the municipal education department say that the heads of preschool institutions are responsible for the purchase of hygiene products.

"Educational institutions, when they make demands for products or services depending on the need of the institution. Toilet paper has never been in the list of these requests," Deputy Director DGETS Viorica Negrei said.

Later, the ten protesters went to the Ministry of Education. Representative of the ministry met them, noting that although the protest organizers try to politicize the event, the ministry would do everything to solve the problem.

Maia Sandu did not answer the phone to explain why she did not solve this problem while she was  Education Minister.

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