PAS and PPDA MPs help socialists to hide evidence of illegal Russian funding

PAS and PPDA deputies help the socialist to hide the evidence proving that PSRM is illegally funded by Russia. They rejected DPM MPs request to create a commission that would investigate how is the socialist party funded, even though, previously, the leader of ACUM criticized Igor Dodon for bribery and power usurpation.

PDM's proposal to set up the investigative commission comes after has recently published video footage, in which Igor Dodon has shown that he is not only an informal PSRM leader, as he always argues his status when appears at events organized by socialists.

The head of state is also the one responsible for the Socialist Party's funding. Dodon told PDM chairman Vlad Plahotniuc that he received from Russia up to a million dollars a month. According to the Democrat Vladimir Cebotari, these statements are serious, including violations of the Electoral Code.

"We have all been witnesses to some evidence that has come to the public as regards the recognition by some people holding public dignity of the enormous sums of money received monthly from abroad for activities, including electoral campaigning and maintenance of some political parties.

"These activities fit perfectly into the provisions or constitutive elements of the crimes stipulated by the Criminal Code," PDM deputy Vladimir Cebotari said.

The PSRM-ACUM Alliance has refused to set up the inquiry commission.

"It is very important what you said only that we in the Parliament do not have to work on the basis of speculation in the mass media 26 votes, it has not accumulated the necessary number of votes", said the President of Parliament, Zinaida Greceanii.

Thus, the elected PAS and PPDA defend the Socialists, even if they previously demanded that Igor Dodon be punished for serious crimes.

"We demand that Igor Dodon be held accountable and investigated corruption, bribery, smuggling, usurpation of state power, and secret negotiations outside the constitutional field", said PAS leader Maia Sandu.

Recently, PCRM President Vladimir Voronin, former party leader of Igor Dodon, said he is convinced that the video is real. And that's because Igor Dodon has always betrayed for money.

"Knowing who this character is, this Dodon, I am convinced that this is a truth. He may be interested, if he puts something in his pockets, in his hands or in foreign accounts, some parallels, he can sell anyone anytime", PCRM President Vladimir Voronin said.

After the advent of video recordings that Igor Dodon says with his mouth that PSRM is financed by money from the Russian Federation, prosecutors have self-offended. The General Prosecutor's Office said the information in the press and the numerous addresses of the people led to the initiation of a criminal case in this case. Law enforcement officials began collecting evidence and hearing people.


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