Participants of Olympics will receive higher allowances! How much they will increase

Participants at the regional and international Olympics will receive higher food allowances during the competition and procurement of office supplies. The pupil's food allowance will increase from 100 to 250 lei per day, and the one for office supplies will increase to 400 lei. The Executive has today approved amendments to the Regulation on Supporting Students Supported to Promote High Performance, and to Ensure the Remuneration of Teachers involved in Probation Preparation.

Increments will be provided by the teachers responsible for the elaboration and verification of the works, as well as those who carry out additional training activities for pupils for competitions. Thus, a member of the sample working group will receive 1500 lei per month instead of 984 lei as it is today. Teachers will also receive an additional 1000 lei payment for translating a Romanian language contest into another language.

Also, the remuneration of teachers will increase from 25 lei to 120 lei per hour for the activities of supporting the pupils provided in the camps for preparation of the Olympic lots, the Sunday schools and the distance learning centers.

Specialists will also be paid for computer training and network infrastructure, which is necessary for the Olympiads in Informatics. Depending on the level of the contest, the teachers will receive from 60 to 80 lei per hour. Members of the Olympics juries, who to date have received 25 lei per hour, will also benefit from the increase. Following the changes, they will have 60 lei per hour for the Republican competitions and 80 lei for the judging of the regional and international competitions.

In the state budget for the next year, over 7 million lei are planned for the organization of the Olympiads and competitions. Annually, about 21 Olympiads and contests are organized in the Republic of Moldova, attended by over 3800 students.

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