Partial quarantine imposed on Municipal Clinical Hospital for Children no.1

The Municipal Clinical Hospital for Children no.1 in Chisinau has been partially quarantined after a woman with her one-month child arrived in the institution and didn't inform about her coronavirus-infected husband. 

She has been also tested positive for COVID-19. Her child is healthy. They are transferred to the Children's Hospital Emilian Coțaga. 

The reanimation section of the Municipal Clinical Hospital, where they were admitted, and a part of the intensive care unit have been quarantined. 29 medical workers who came in contact with the woman were isolated at home. 


"For two weeks, the hospital will not provide resuscitation services for children. All children who will be admitted to this hospital will be directed to the Institute of the Mother and Child and to the Ignatenco Municipal Hospital," said Chisinau Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici.

The deputy director of the hospital says the baby was diagnosed with an acute respiratory infection upon arrival at the hospital.

"She denied contacting or having any connection with people returning from overseas. On March 20, we were informed that her husband returned from Ukraine", said Aliona Rotari.

According to the Ministry of Health, both children of the couple were tested negative for the new type coronavirus.

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