PARLIAMENT'S TOTALS: 200 hours of debates and nearly 470 registered legislative initiatives

200 hours of debate and nearly 470 registered legislative initiatives. These are the Parliament's totals for 2018.

Most 280 projects were submitted by parliamentary factions. According to Parliament's secretariat, the Democratic Party faction came last year with most of the projects, namely 119 in number.

DPM deputies are followed by the Socialist Party faction with 46 initiatives. Also, the PCRM faction registered 21 projects last year, and the European People's Group had 14. The Liberals registered 13 documents and the Liberal Democrats - six.

At the same time, the non-attached Members proposed new projects for approval. Another 52 legislative initiatives last year belong to a group of deputies from all parliamentary factions.

The Government submitted to the Parliament for debate and approval 158 legislative drafts and the President of the country - 28. 

Totally in 2018, deputies spoke 118 speeches on draft laws to Parliament. In 2014-2018, the 20th legislature Parliament convened in 173 plenary sessions, which is over 950 hours of debate.

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