Parliament's reform. Thoughts and opinions of deputies

Parliament of Republic of Moldova will be reformed. President of Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu, announced that the initiative is meant to cut down expenses and reduce the numbers of employees.

"The aim which we wish to reach through this reform, which we begin today, is to bring optimization, efficiency and transparency in everything the Parliament stands for. After calculating, we estimated that by lessening the number of employees by 40%, we will make an optimization of 35 million lei" Andrian Candu explained.

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The idea is supported by many deputies, including those from the opposition.

"Every restructuring must bring benefits and if this suggested, which was handed to us today, will make the Parliament's activity more efficient, as we speak of the secretariat, which is a structure ensuring the proper functioning of the Parliament. Why not? We will support it!" PLDM deputy, Tudor Deliu declared.

"On one hand we will economize, while on another hand offer deputies the chance to be more efficient and perform their jobs, according to their mandate" PPEM deputy, Valeriu Ghileţchi said.

"I believe the management of this building, of the whole Parliament is a long awaited change" PL deputy, Alina Zotea said.

"We support this idea, as you can see the standard of living in Moldova. Therefore, if we consider our country so poor, it is time to tighten our belts" PSRM deputy, Oleg Cuciuc declared.

At the moment the Parliament has around 500 employees.

From the budget of over 127 million lei, the institution had this year, over half, namely 78 million, were spent on staff maintenance. 

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