Parliament's majority gives up bills on tax amnesty and capital liberalization

The Parliamentary majority withdraws the bills on tax amnesty and capital liberalization from proceedings. 

Speaker Andrian Candu has told PUBLIKA TV over phone that, following legal and economic expertise and advice from international and national experts, a range of drawbacks were highlighted, which have led to deciding to drop the initiative. 

"The authors having signed the bills have withdrawn their signatures. Now the drafts are withdrawn. It’s too early to say whether the bills will return to the Parliament in another form.

There is much debate within society. Important here is that such a draft must get international expertise, especially because Moldova is part to a series of international arrangements on countering money laundering, terror.”

Earlier Andrian Candu had said the bill on tax amnesty needed positive expertise from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the EU entities.

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: Liberalizing the capital and the fiscal stimulus are rights, while embezzled goods or money are not covered by the bill. The statement has been made by speaker Andrian Candu at public debates over the draft.

"We’re talking about 70 % of the underground economy. Are we saying we don’t need to liberalize the capital? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of wages in envelope," Andrian Candu said. 

The liberalizing process has two stages:

- Stating intention;

- Request to liberalize and paying the 2% tax.

The bill on liberalizing capital and fiscal stimulus has been registered with the Parliament and aims at improving the investment climate and boosting the investment flow, entrepreneurship, by applying an efficient taxing mechanism for the liberalized capital.

The Parliament held public debates on the bill, having invited experts and interested NGOs.

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