Parliamentary meeting of OSCE confirmed the necessity to withdraw Russian troops from Republic of Moldova territory

The Parliamentary Meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe confirmed the necessity to withdraw the Russian troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The discussions took place within the session of the General Committee of the Parliamentary Meeting of OSCE for politics and security, where Kristian Vigenin, the general reporter of the Committee presented the Report of the Committee and its Resolution.
Thus, 25 amendments proposed within the Resolution by the officials of the 57 country members of the PA of OSCE have been debated.
Three of the amendments regarding the Republic of Moldova and the necessity to withdraw the Russian troops from the territory of Moldova and turning the actual mission of peace maintaining into a civil mission with international mandate were voted. The approval of the amendments of our country's delegation was based on the joint effort of the parliamentary delegations from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, the USA, the UK, Georgia and Lithuania.
Sergiu Sirbu, the chief of the Republic of Moldova delegation mentioned that through this approval, the organization confirmed their support to solute the transnistrean conflict and provide the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of our country.
According to him, the final text of the resolution will be adopted at the plenary session of PA of OSCE today.
The 27th session of PA of OSCE takes place between July 7 and 11, 2018 and is hosted by the Germany Bundestag.  The reunion of this year has the following generic:"The role of parliaments in implementing OSCE commitments".

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