Parliamentary elections of October 20: In the uninominal constituency No.50 will be opened 85 polling stations

At the new parliamentary elections on October 20, in the uninominal constituency No.50, in the western side of the Republic of Moldova, will be opened 85 polling stations, with only two more than the February ballot.

According to the decision approved by the Government, 27 sections will operate within the diplomatic missions and consular offices and 58 will be additional. Mostof them, 29 in number, will be open in Italy and 12 in Romania. Seven sections will be in France, and five in Portugal, Spain, the UK, Ireland and Norway.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, said that the number of sections was established based on the proposals of our diplomatic missions and the number of voters who participated in the previous elections.

On October 20, new Parliamentary elections will be organized in four uninominal constituencies, after the MP seats have become vacant. These are Vlad Plahotniuc and Viorel Melnic, who have resigned their mandates, and Andrei Năstase and Maia Sandu, who have elected positions for the Government.

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