Parliament will vote again laws rejected by Igor Dodon

Leader of the Democratic Party from Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc announced that the Parliament has set up a meeting to vote the law, earlier rejected by President, Igor Dodon and to promote them once again.


"The President has refused to sign multiple important new laws, regulations that would prove to be crucial for our citizens. Among them counts the law to fight against terrorism, the reform of the Academy of Science of Moldova, the new law regarding energy source- meant to make our country more independent. The President even declined the idea of meal ticket bills that would have been an immense plus for our citizens",  Vlad Plahotniuc stated.

Leader of Democratic Party confirmed that the Parliament agreed to re-vote the rejected laws during its weekly meetings, so that they can be once again forwarder to the President.

"Our colleagues from the parliament are trying to organize a meeting consecrated solely for the purpose of voting once again those laws, before the usual forum. We will soon announce the date of this meeting"  Vlad Plahotniuc added.

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