Parliament will host photography exhibition Early Moments Matter

The Parliament will host a photography exhibition showing new fathers, named "Early Moments Matter". The event will be organized in partnership with UNICEF Moldova and will be inaugurated tomorrow, 14th June 2018, to celebrate Father's Day.

At the ceremony will participate President of Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu, UNICEF Moldova Country Office representative, Desiree Monique Jongsma, entertainer and new father Alex Calancea, as well as the people from the photographs, parents and children.

The pictures will show children, in their first days, with their fathers. The photographs were taken in maternity wards from Moldova between May-June 2018.

The exposition is part of UNICEF's campaign "Early Moments Matter", aiming to inform people that the first 1,000 days have a lasting effect on a child’s future. Father's Day is a great occasion to remember that fathers who are implicating in rising children from their first moments will contribute to their development.

The ceremony will launch at 09:30 local time.

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