Parliament votes in favor of the Chicu Government

The Government of Ion Chicu who was nominated by President Igor Dodon has won the confidence vote after 62 out of 101 lawmakers voted for. 

ACUM bloc boycotted the parliament plenary, declining to vote on the confidence vote. Before leaving the hall, Igor Grosu addressed the Democratic Party: Undertake reforms in the party with what you brag about and let's see the result after that".

"The PAS faction rejects to participate in this show and let this love story be born in a collegial atmosphere, then we will probably come back", President of PAS faction Igor Grosu said. 

In reply, Dumitru Diacov reminded the MPs of ACUM bloc that it was they who made an alliance with PSRM in summer. 

"We wanted to form a government after the election. Overnight in summer, you decided to create a coalition, in darkness. Then we got used to the role of the opposition, we asked you many times to remain in governance, but you left, what are your expectations now? We don't want the country to be forced in a snap election in winter. If you behave rationally, let's sit down, discuss and we will reach the common ground". 

The former presidential adviser Ion Chicu, 47 years old, was nominated yesterday by the President Igor Dodon as the candidate for prime minister.   

After the motion of censure against Sandu government was voted on Nov 12, all the parties in the parliament failed to reach an agreement to form a new ruling coalition.

On Nov 13, PSRM issued a press release, thereby informing that it started all procedures for the establishment of a technocrat government.  

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