Parliament voted to change election legislature. What changes will occur

The election agitation on the eve of the elections could be allowed, but 100 meters far from the voting pool. The judicial commission of the Parliament voted for this change within the Election Code.

At the same time, the document provides a couple of changes of the Contravention Code. Thus, the ones who will do election agitation near the voting pools will be punished.

The fine varies between 600 and 1.500 lei.


The changes of the Election Code have been made by a group of deputies, after they consulted with many election experts from the country. The changes have been made at the request of Promo-Lex association from our country.

The Judicial Council decided to make an analyse of the election legislation, as 32 times the results of the elections were annulled. 

"There is no silence day in other countries, but in Moldova avoiding it will lead to the break of the election principles."


The project of law will be voted within the Parliament by the end of November.


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