Parliament to name candidate for interim general prosecutor given appointment meeting was cancelled

The Prosecutor Superior Council (CSP) meeting where President Igor Dodon was to designate candidates for Interim General Prosecutor didn't take place due to lack of quorum. Four of eight CSP members absented. They were supposed to analyze profiles of three candidates. 

According to CSP press service, there won't be any such meeting in the future. In this condition, the Parliament will name its candidate for Interim Prosecutor following the CSP opinion. 

Then, the country president will designate interim general prosecutor by presidential decree. 

Quickly after the even was cancelled, President Dodon requested Parliament to set up a deadline - 31 July - to propose and designate candidate. Moreover, he said to sign as soon as possible the decree by August 1. 

Three candidates for interim general prosecutor are Viorel Radețchi, Viorel Morari and Anatolie Istrate.



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