Parliament to hear heads of agencies responsible with finding stolen billion

The Moldovan Parliament has decided to hear the acting general prosecutor, the governor of the National Bank and the chief of the Anti-Corruption Center (CNA) concerning the so-called one-billion-dollar theft from the banking system.

Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu has proposed to produce the list of the people taking bad loans, while Communist leader Vladimir Voronin has not missed the opportunity to joke: “Though Ghimpu is not going to head the Liberal Party soon, I back his proposition, but the list should start with the MPs who took bad loans."

Over 700 million lei ($35 mn) have been returned after selling the bust banks.

Other $600 million have been identified by the company Kroll as having being siphoned from the banking system.

The money will be returned as a state debt to the National Bank of Moldova.

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