Parliament to celebrate 25 years of U.S.-Moldovan diplomatic relations

The Moldovan Parliament will hold a range of events dedicated to the 25th anniversary since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Moldova and the U.S.A. Parliament President Andrian Candu has discussed with the U.S. ambassador to Moldova, James D. Pettit, about the inner and bilateral agenda of the two countries.

”This country has been steadily supported by the American people and Government in the democratic changes, in implementing structural and modernizing reforms,” Andrian Candu said.

James Pettit has said the embassy prepares a series of events to mark the annivresary: ”We are honored by those 25 years that Moldova and the U.S.A. passed together in a strategic dialogue. We closely follow the events in Moldova, we apreciate the good things done for citizens and we want Moldova to progress.”

The officials have also discussed issues related to legislative priorities, the parliamentary agenda, the developments in the dialogue with the Gagauz autonomy and the Transnistrian area and the impact of the reforms.

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