Parliament President Andrian Candu invited to FABRIKA


"For several years it has also been discussed at the level of the European Union that the priority should no longer be the Eastern Partnership, there are countries like Italy, France that suffers more from the emigrants in Africa. Germany is tired of what is happening in Ukraine. We are talking about a reform of the elements and Moldova needs to take the best of the region", said President of Parliament Andrian Candu. 


"The relationship with the US is much more pragmatic, they are surprised by the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice. Americans and colleagues in the American Congress assured us they will continue to support us and try to prevent such things from happening. We also look forward to major visits from the American government and the American Congress. We are confronted with certain difficulties here in the region and the transaltantic dialogue can create the comfort that Moldova needs. Last year, various simulations of the Russian troops crossing the border of the Republic of Moldova were executed, which is forbidden. The day the UN voted withdrawal of Russian army from Moldova, dozens of trucks without identifying marks carried ammunition in unknown destinations, any action to stop the made were similarly unsuccessful. They are all elements of hybrid warfare, cyber attacks, propaganda." said President of Parliament Andrian Candu. 


In the US, we talked about social networks versus elections because modern technologies can influence the choices themselves. We need to come up with solutions until the parliamentary elections. We talk about revision of the law with sanction elements. We need to have corrections. 

In this electoral exercise, a candidate was excluded from the electoral race, why then Brussels did not come up with very tough statements, it means that someone has benefited from this. Here everybody takes advantage of the ruling party and the government.


"The decision of the Supreme Court is irrevocable and is not discussed. According to the law, it's forbidden for the local elections to be made if you are at the final year of mandate because the new fledgling mayor spends a lot of money and time to invest in office. What has been discussed in Strasbourg, so we talked about revising the laws. We also referred to the fact that any violation must have a proportional sacrifice. If an electoral opponent violates the law, he is sanctioned, the election is not annulled", said President of Parliament Andrian Candu. 

(20:27) Andrian Candu: We are in the electoral context. They all begin to position themselves politically.

(20:17) Andrian Candu on suspension of EU macro-funding:

The resolution to be voted has more recommended characters. The Commission could make some decisions before the resolution. Besides the officials, we discussed with political groups, we discussed with PAS, PPDA, PLDM, we asked them why they went to the extreme. The answer was quite a fool, "so we want to punish you with the current government, and citizens will see, and Maia Sandu will win in the next parliamentary election."

Too much politics happens at the level of cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union. I want to talk about the International Monetary Fund, for them it is important that all the conditions are respected, so that the money can reach the Republic of Moldova's account. All our attempts to cooperate have led to zero, they refuse this cooperation.

We will be punished improperly and will not receive this macro-financial assistance. After all, the gesture matters, the decision counts.

(UPDATE 20:13)

"We have discussed with the Commission on two conditions. They said they wanted to see the law working, that people were working. Everything went further than negotiation, more details were discussed." said President of Parliament Andrian Candu. 

(UPDATE 19:59) Andrian Candu, about invalidating the elections:

Let me refer to the subject that created the confusion, about the election invalidation in Chisinau. In order to understand what has happened, we need to ask who has the advantages, who has the disadvantages and who suffers.

Governance puts efforts through actions, it's working with our partners on structured reforms and targets on specific areas, for example in the economic field, where we see increases of between 4 and 5 percent. There are results, positive EU assessments. Government had good results, a few days before the first installment, a decision on invalidation falls over politically. I remind you that the party I belong to recognized the elections, but the decision from the Constitutional Court came overnight. We, politicians, were called to do something. 

What should we do? Should we call the judge? The competence of the Government is to work with tools that we have, we need to review what has happened. We even talked about the cases. Dragnea in Romania was convicted because he carried out campaigns on election day. No one has questioned those decisions. reminds that Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu is the special guest at Fabrika this evening. Together with journalist Cristian Tabără, topics regarding Moldovan justice, relations with the West, .. are discussed in the show. 


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