Parliament plenary: Socialist Party puts forward motion of no-confidence against Sandu Cabinet

The meeting ends.

(15:35) ZINAIDA GRECEANÎI: The judiciary commission must examine the document in the next three days. It must announce the convening of the Permanent Bureau meeting and the day when the motion will be examined in the plenary. 

(15:29) PSRM MP Vasile Bolea announces that the Socialist Party will put forward a motion of no-confidence against the Sandu Cabinet. 

"The Sandu Government violated and changed the rules of game. They overlooked all the good practices on the appointment of general prosecutor, the Constitution and opinions of the Venice Commission. 

The worst thing is they betrayed their alliance partners. The Sandu Government is guilty of the failure of the Judicial reforms", Bolea said. 

(15:17) Prime Minister Maia Sandu is delivering a speech in the plenary regarding the bill which provides for amendment of the rules for selecting candidates for the position of Prosecutor General. 

"I assume political responsibility for the identification of candidates, I will identify and verify the people personally who will be proposed to the Prosecutor Superior Council", Sandu said. 

Sergiu Sârbu announced that Dumitru Diacov is new president of the Democratic Party faction. 



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