Parliament plenary: Nominated candidate Ion Chicu requests confidence vote on Chicu government

In the parliament plenary today, Ion Chicu, the candidate for the office of prime minister  requested the confidence vote on Chicu government. The project was included on the parliament's daily agenda and is being examined by the legal committee for appointments and immunities. 

Ion Chicu, 47 years old, was nominated by the President Igor Dodon as the candidate for prime minister. Presently, he acts as adviser of Moldova’s president. Till last June, Chicu held the position of finance minister.   

After the motion of censure against Sandu government was voted on Nov 12, all the parties in the parliament failed to reach an agreement to form a new ruling coalition.

On Nov 13, PSRM issued a press release, thereby informing that it started all procedures for the establishment of a technocrat government.   


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