Parliament pledges total legislative supports for CNA's independence

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu appreciated the results obtained by the National Anti-corruption Center (CNA) and assured that Parliament will provide all the legislative support for strengthening the independence of the CNA. The statement was made at the CNA's balance-sheet meeting. 

"We will support all initiatives to fight corruption more effectively. Additionally, we need results and we want to see the effects of the Agency for the Recovery of Criminal Goods, the law on integrity alerts, and other laws passed to prevent and fight corruption, "said Andrian Candu, Speaker of Parliament.

CNA Director Bogdan Zumbreanu made an assessment of CNA's activity in the first months of 2018, stating that the Center's goal in his mandate was to intervene incisively in sectors where the citizen is confronted with various abuses by the civil servant. 

During the reporting period, CNA detected 477 corruption offenses, 281 of which in Chisinau. Local public authorities are the most effected by corruption, followed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Within 6 months, the Agency for the Recovery of Criminal Goods has seized 917 goods worth over 54 million lei. In the area of corruption prevention, over 600 draft laws were submitted, subject to anti-corruption expertise, 11,000 officials were trained and 2,869 certificates of integrity were issued.

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