Parliament majority rejected hearing of Finance Minister over Sandu government's raised taxes policy

PDM requested the hearing of Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilița to explain what tax the Sandu government intends to raise. 

"The visit of IMF mission has ended this week. The results of these evaluations are the assumption of commitments to the Republic of Moldova. Citizens and we are entitled to know what commitments are assumed. Ms PM Maia Sandu declared about commitment or promises to raise the taxes. This commitment was contradicted by the IMF representative. 

We all ask ourselves what is hidden in that list of commitments which, at the request of our colleagues, we received a refusal to communicate. We request the hearing of the leader of the negotiating group: the Minister of Finance or the Minister of Economy, "said Democrat Vladimir Cebotari in the Legislature meeting.

Parliament President Zinaida Greceanîi pledged that the commitments will be publicized, however, Socialist and ACUM deputies rejected this initiative. It failed to obtain enough votes. 

Publika reminds that a mission of International Monetary Fund experts led by Ruben Atoyan paid a visit to Chisinau during June 26 - July 10, for discussion with Moldovan authorities in context of the fourth and fifth evaluation of IMF economic program. 


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