Parliament intends to change law regarding children's rights

The preliminary report of the children who are in risky situations and the ones who live apart of their parents was presented today within the session of the Commission for social protection, health and family. The document was made by an independent expert.

Valentina Buliga, the President of the Commission mentioned that at the beginning of this year, the Permanent Bureau of the Parliament approved the methodology regarding the implementation of the legislative acts. 


"The commission for social protection, health and family wants to launch two laws, one regarding the social protection of children and the second one - the profession of doctor and pharmacy attendant. Today, we present the report of the first law", said the deputy.

The independent expert, Ina Sotchi declared that this exercise targets to analyze the procedures of assistance, evaluation and monitoring of the children who are in risky zones. Also, there were analyzed the procedures of implementing the laws.

"This legislative act regarding children rights is an important one. It refers not only to the structure of the legislative act, but also to the institutional part of it", said the expert. 


According to her, the state budget will pay a specialist to deal with children's rights.

Also, the experts recommend a judicial procedure that would examine the cases where the children where taken off the families. 

Another procedure is to provide a social attendant, a family doctor and the sector policeman that will defend the children's rights.

Viorica Dumbraveanu, State Secretary within the Ministry of Health, Social Protection and Labor mentioned that, indeed, the legislation regarding children's rights should be changed.

"We will examine the recommendations of the expert", said Viorica Dumbraveanu. 


According to the data of 2017, in the Republic of Moldova there are 35.441 children who don't live with their parents, 30.320 children who live with a single parent of with their grandparents, 3.749 children whose parents lost the parental responsibilities.

This subject has already became a priority for the Parliament.



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