Parliament endorses tax-customs policies modification to raise VAT for HoReCa industry

Parliament approved changes in the fiscal and customs policy. The deputies voted, in today's plenary session, amendments to the Fiscal Code, the Law on Customs Tariff, the Law on payment for environmental pollution, the Law on the public social security system, the Law on meal vouchers and the Law on voluntary declaration and fiscal stimulation.

The draft law provides for the modification of the condition of use of the personal exemption of 24,000 lei, so that the personal exemption will only benefit the natural persons who have incomes lower than 360,000 lei annually.

In order to simplify the tax administration, in the case of natural persons citizens, the income tax will be withheld at the source of payment in the amount of 12%.

At the same time, the reduced rate of VAT in the amount of 10% will be modified by applying the standard rate of VAT of 20% for the deliveries made by the economic agents carrying out entrepreneurial activity in the field of HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and cafes).

The draft law contains provisions revising the tax treatment of commercial transactions through international postal items. If the goods are not commercial, do not exceed the quantitative limits established by the legislation or their value does not exceed the non-taxable limit of 200 euros will be exempt from VAT and excise duties. If the goods are commercial in nature, they exceed the quantitative limits established by the legislation or their value exceeds the non-taxable limit of 200 euros, VAT and excise duty will be calculated starting from the value of the goods in customs.

A separate section of the project refers to the amendment of the Law on the payment for environmental pollution, which proposes to increase by 20% the payment applied to the goods that pollute the environment.

The bill also contains amendments regarding meal vouchers. The tax treatment will be modified by applying the compulsory state social insurance contributions to the meal vouchers and keeping them exempt from the income tax.

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