Parliament deputies gather for their final reading. Most important laws brought into force in 2017

The Parliament gathers today for their last reading of this year. In the last day of work, the officials will examine and vote close to 20 law projects.

In this session, the Parliament deputies were very active and brought into force multiple important laws.

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Officials have managed to adopt the state budget within the time limit, including social and medical insurances for 2018. Another important project which deputies voted is the fiscal polity, which establishes the main taxes that will be applied starting 1st January 2018.

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In this autumn, the Parliament has also rectified the Loans and Grant Agreement with EU  according to the macro-financial assistance for Moldova. 

The macro-financial assistance for Moldova offered by EU represents a funding worth 100 million euros, 60 million offered as a loan and the other 40 million as a grant.

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Even the law against foreign propaganda was voted in this session.

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At the same time, starting next year, will be implemented the "First House" project, meant to assist young people in purchasing real estate.

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