Parliament APPROVES program for implementation of Moldova-EU Association Agreement

The Parliament's annual legislative program for the implementation of the Association Agreement Moldova - European Union for 2017 was approved today, February 24th, at the first meeting of the spring session of Parliament.

"The program has 111 actions helps us better organize ourselves. We will work to accelerate the implementation of the Association Agreement. Also, we will focus more on the parliamentary oversight for major legislation and reforms promoted" , said Andrian Candu.

The document is developed based on the National Action Plan for the implementation of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement in the period 2017 - 2019, prepared by the Government and discussed with the EU.

The speaker asked the standing committees to carry out the actions foreseen within the legislative program. Andrian Candu asked for the consolidation of all political forces in Parliament for achieving the strategic goal of European integration.

The program contains actions that the Parliament will undertake in 2017, according to the Association Agreement, including amendments to legislation or adopting new laws in areas of priority reforms.

The document provides the responsible institutions, the deadline for implementing the measures and implementation according to the Association Agreement and the Standing Committee. The document is published on the Parliament's website.

Through the approval of the legislative program, Parliament acknowledges the opportunities offered by the Association Agreement and the role of parliament in all commitments and ensure a structured and consistent implementation of the Association Agreement.
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