#parl4sec. Challenges generated by misinformation discussed within inter-parliamentary summit

In Chisinau takes place the inter-parliamentary summit "Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: Eastern Partnership and current security challenges". Within the event, there are discussed the problems that the three states face with and the skills Moscow use in the misinformation campaigns and the methods to approach those.

- Michael Carpenter, superior researches, Center of Eurasia, Future Europe Initiative, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, Atlantic Council: "When we think about misinformation, propaganda and its effects, we should recognize that we don't have to face simple misinformation cases, but a informational war initiated by Kremlin.

When we think how to prevent propaganda and misinformation, we have issues that permit the misinformation to raise. When we think about misinformation, we should identify the sources and find the methods that would help us fight against propagandaWe should educate our society about the methods Kremlin uses to spread the propaganda and misinformation. 

The best practices to avoid the propaganda and misinformation were used by Baltic countries. These countries have a level of transparency that exceeded other countries. The society is able to distinguish the real information and the misinformation. In 2014, when Sputnik was spreading aggressive in the whole world the Finland could avoid there sources.

The same was in the USA and France, there were used the same methods of misinformation, but those were removed, because Macron and his stuff understood the Kremlin's attacks.

We should make public these methods, as the communities should understand. We should publish the regime's nature that uses this tactic and make them distinguish the misinformation. Unfortunately, in the democratic societies, this is a broadly used thing." 

 E.S. Maria Koc, deputy marshal of Poland Senate : "We talk about hostile operations that aim to destabilize the situation from our countries and beak the relationship with the neighbors. Such tools were used in the Soviet period. The misinformation is used in Kremlin's interests. The modern technology fulfills Kremlin's target immediately.

Four milliard people access the internet. This is a perfect way to spread the propaganda. After the Russian invasion to Ukraine, we could notice the way Russia changed its propaganda tools. The cooperation is more efficient. I appreciate the role of such activists as stopfake.org. The campaign identified over 3 000 cases of Russian misinformation. In the second place, the independent Russian press should be supported.

We support the information that doesn't manipulate. Within the regional parliamentary cooperation we discussed about the concept of creating a regional television. The Poland authorities are aware of the Russian misinformation danger."

Dl Vojtěch PIKAL, deputy President of Deputies Room within Czech Parliament : We say that we don't have borders in our country. I am here to talk about the challenges that Czech Republic has to face and the solutions that, in our opinion really work.

First of all, we talk about Internet. We should check how do we define the information that targets the people's rights. There are certain positive aspects within the civil society, but we still have problems. The public opinion is based on the daily publication that appear in the social media. The misinformation isn't a new phenomenon. The only change is in the misinformation methods that are different now.

The methods don't refer to others, but personally, to us. We should make the all possible to solve this problem. Even if you don't have the chance to change the public opinion, you should know that the most serious opponents are on the Internet. You should read more sources, to know how did the things happen and to be acknowledged to different opinions. Misinformation, fear and anger get more and more spread around. We should not only create real news, but attractive ones too.

 If we talk about enemies, then among our enemies are the speeches. If we don't discuss in a transparent manner, then, we can't wait for the authorities to hold such discussions.

TV channels could be adapted better, because the society gets misinformed. In Czech Republic, we receive spam thorough the mail. We should teach the citizens to use the mail and learn how to identify the junk messages. 

Our enemies are not the Government and the people, but are some passive people who spread the misinformation, people who live in bad conditions. They are angry and want to spread the same feeling around them, by using misinformation campaigns.

We should talk in our opponent's language. We should be ahead. We should be better.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that within the even "Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: Eastern Partnership and current security challenges" the three countries will sign a declaration on the European Integration perspectives and the current security issues.

At the event will gather close to 150 officials and renown specialists, including Presidents of Parliaments, Members of the European Parliament and representatives of United States Congress, as well as well known local and international experts.

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