Parents urged to enroll course of first aid for children in Chisinau

Parents opt to learn about first aid as it matters in caring their children. They can acquire theoretic and practical knowledge in courses opened in Chisinau. 

Plugaru spouses have a nine-month-old girl and decided to attend first aid medical course. 

"We have a nine-month-old girl. I know that we need to come here before the birth. We read information and we want to see the practice. We should know how to react and act when there are some problems with the child", said Natalia Plugaru. 

"The course are useful because we can learn to overcome the stress and know how to save the child", said Radu Plugaru. 

Parents practice step by step in the situation when the child swallow plastic balls. 

"We have two kids. I want to learn how to recognize the wrong things and how to make right maneuvers." 

Gherman Olimpia, the instructor, is an emergency doctor for 11 years. The doctor said 90 percent of emergency cases resulted from parents'mistakes. 

The course lasts 800 minutes and costs 150 euros. 



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