Parents rushing for last minute shopping. Most popular toys people chose

Santa Claus is still searching for gifts for children. The shops from the Capital are filled with clients, while artisan manufacturers can barely keep up.

Olesea Chirica begun creating toys after she became a mother. During this period, parents choose to acquire original items.

"I try to work with cotton cloths, with natural cloth, with stuffing that causes no allergy. I have this interesting character, stylish cats that are smiling" Olesea Chirica declared.

Educational toys are most sought after in shops by parents.

"We lean more toward educational toys, which develop logic and the child also wishes them" a parent said.

"I can dress and feed her, even make her hair. She has blue eyes like me, I love her long blond hair" a little girl said.

"I would prefer the toys to be from wood, from paper, handmade. I always try to look at the quality over the price for my children" a man said.

Latest technology is another popular choice.

"We wish to buy a drone. -An average one. -Yes. We see some more expensive, some cheaper, like before holidays. They are very expensive" a parent said.

Merchants claims that their sales rose by up to 30% in this period.

"Most popular choice were VR headsets. Very many were sold. As well as small cars and drones hold the top position, as many children want them. Headphones, various accessories for cell phones" a shop administrator, Irina Grana, said.

A handmade toys can cost to 200 lei. While the price of toy plastic bricks can reach to 3 000 lei. For a drone, parents have to pay to 14 thousand lei.

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