Parents left in nursing homes while children caring for other elderly

Dramatic migration in Moldova has left elderly people abandoned while their children're abroad taking care of other elderly. 

This situation exists in Călăraşi, they are forgotten in nursing homes. 

Dumitru Timotei, 90 years old, has been living in institution since his wife passed away. Four of his seven children left the country.   

"They're living in other countries, the closet ones are in Chisinau and Râșcani, the other are living in Italy, Ireland, Israel. And, I'm staying here..", said the old man. 

Away though, the children pay 6000 lei each month for the caring of their parents. The elderly are served three meals per day, treated by doctors and are able to participate in different creative activities. 

"They are well paid abroad and can pay the contract in nursing homes. People perhaps understand that their parents are better cared in these institutions than at home", said  Nina Tatarciuc, director of the Călăraşi nursing home. 

At present, the nursing home in Călăraşi provides cares for 30 people. It will expand 60 places due to increased requests. 

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